2020 NFL Draft: 5 most criminally underrated players

NFL Draft underrated prospects

(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)

Ranking the top five most criminally underrated 2020 NFL Draft prospects who should be drafted much higher than they’re going in mock drafts.

No matter how much time, money and human capital are invested in the process of studying, analyzing, training, ranking and evaluating college athletes, every year, all of the professionals – media and team personnel alike – have some big misses when it comes to draft evaluation.

The most notable example of this, of course, was the horrendously undervaluing of future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady, who famously was selected with the 199th pick in the 2000 NFL Draft.

And this year is no different, as teams and media have spent countless time and money evaluating the 2020 NFL hopefuls.

5. Patrick Queen, LB, LSU

It is awkward to say that someone who will most likely be drafted in the first round is an underrated prospect – but it’s true when it comes to the former LSU superstar.

Patrick Queen has the hallmarks of being an NFL legend, and whichever team is able to snag him in the bottom of the first round is going to be getting an absolute steal.

Queen is a little small (only 229 pounds) for playing inside linebacker in 2020 NFL but he is fast and hits hard. What he lacks in size, he makes up with instincts and speed.

Queen has fallen on draft boards for myriad reasons, none of which are about how he plays. Among those reasons are Isaiah Simmons who is an all-world talent, four quarterbacks being likely first round picks, and an incredibly deep offensive tackle and wide receiver classes.

Queen has most often been linked to the Baltimore Ravens, and while it would be foolish to say that he will be the next Ray Lewis, he can certainly give the team a needed presence in the middle of the defense.

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