Alex Smith taking further steps toward NFL comeback

Washington quarterback Alex Smith is inching closer to being able to take snaps in the NFL after it looked like he might not ever play again.

On November 18th, 2018, the Washington Football Team faced the Houston Texans in D.C. Washington was doing quite well at that point of the season and a large part of their success was because of quarterback Alex Smith, who they had acquired that offseason from Kansas City.

In that game against the Texans, however, Smith was taken down and didn’t get up after being taken to the ground. It turns out he had suffered a broken fibula and tibia on the play and not only was his leg at risk, but his life was as well.

For those who watched the Project 11 E:60 on Smith, you’ll know that he and his family really feared for his life after the injury. None of them were even thinking about him ever taking the field again because at that point in time, that wasn’t important.

Now, here we are, 20 months removed from the play that nearly cost Alex Smith his life, and it actually looks like he could return to the gridiron again.

According to reports, Smith “looked good” during his on-field workouts for the Washington Football Team.

Speaking with sources close to the Washington Football Team, Smith participated in four consecutive days of on-field workouts with trainers and performed well. Perhaps more importantly, Smith suffered no setbacks after the on-field work.

This shows just how tough Smith truly is. Not many people would get to this point where they could actually resume playing football again less than two years after suffering a traumatic injury.

Smith was only in the first year of his contract with Washington and was playing quite well for them before this injury occurred. They were 6-4 and in playoff contention and Smith had thrown for 2,180 yards and ten touchdowns to just five interceptions. He had also rushed for 168 yards and a touchdown in his inaugural season in D.C.

Washington drafted Dwayne Haskins in the first round of the 2019 NFL Draft, which was less than six months after Smith’s injury. Haskins started to come into his own at the end of his rookie season, and even if Smith can’t return and play again, he could be a fabulous mentor to Haskins. Just look at what he did for Patrick Mahomes’ career.

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No one will ever question Smith’s toughness after seeing what he’s gone through over the past 20 months. If he is ever able to play another NFL down, everyone will be definitely be cheering him on.

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