April 16 in sports history: What a day for ‘Mr. Practice Squad’

Here’s a look back at notable sports news on April 16 through the years.

2000: Michigan quarterback Tom Brady — you may have heard of him — was drafted in the sixth round by the Patriots, after six other QBs were selected. Since then, Brady has done pretty well for himself: six Super Bowl titles, 74,571 passing yards, 541 TD passes and one super-model wife.

Oh, and now he has a new team, the Tampa Bay Bucs, and a two-year, fully guaranteed $50 million contract.

Back in 2000, we get the feeling Brady knew he was something special.

“I’m the type of player, the type of team player, that any team would look for,” he said before the draft. “I think the ability is there. In terms of all the physical skills, I can do whatever it takes.” In its summation of Patriots picks that year, however, the Boston Globe wrote of Brady: “A pocket passer who will compete for a practice squad spot …”

Well, “Mr. Practice Squad” has thrown for 30,101 more yards and 295 more TD passes than all the QBs who were picked before him in the 2000 draft combined. All of those players, by the way, are long gone from the NFL. 

Here’s a rundown:

  • Chad Pennington, first round, Jets (also played for Dolphins):  11 years, 17,823 passing yards, 102 TDs
  • Giovanni Carmazzi: third round, 49ers; never played in a regular-season game
  • Chris Redman, third round, Ravens (also played for Falcons):  eight years, 3,179 passing yards, 21 TDs
  • Tee Martin, fifth round, Steelers (also played for Raiders): two years, 69 passing yards, zero TDs
  • Marc Bulger, sixth round, Saints (played for Rams):  eight years, 22,814, 122 TDs
  • Spergon Wynn, sixth round, Browns (also played for Vikings): two years, 585, 1 TD

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