Crew didn’t take my groping claim seriously

The FBI is investigating a Michigan woman’s claim that she was sexually assaulted aboard a Spirit Airlines flight by a man sitting next to her. The woman said the flight attendants took the alleged assault lightly – asking her to move her seat, but not making that same request of him. 

Spirit Airlines, however, said its crew did all that it could to assist the woman, offered to move her but that she refused, so everyone had to stay put – including the alleged attacker – as the plane was about to land.

The accuser – a third-year college student at Eastern Michigan University – never sat back down as she was fuming over what she said happened: She woke up from a nap, she said, to discover a man’s hands down her pants.

“We were in the process of landing and I said, ‘Until y’all move him, I’m not sitting down,’ ” the woman, 22-year-old Tia Jackson of Westland, told the Free Press on Wednesday.

Photo of Tia Jackson, 22, of Westland, said she was sexually assaulted aboard a Spirit Airlines flight on Tuesday, Jan. 21, 2019 and that the flight crew dismissed her complaint.

“I am most upset about the fact that they took it so lightly,” Jackson said of the Spirit Airlines crew. “Not one person asked if I was OK. … The passengers got more upset than the staff. … I would like an apology at least.”

Spirit Airlines issued a statement that detailed the steps its crew took once they were made aware of the situation. 

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