Dr. James Andrews warns teams to not rush players back after shutdown

If and when the 2020 Major League Baseball season begins, players are going to have to slowly work their way back to baseball shape … and that’s exactly what Tommy John surgery specialist Dr. James Andrews suggested on MLB Network’s SiriusXM Radio.

Of course, the beginning of the season is the easiest time for players to get injured, and with this extended layoff, players will need to be even more careful. 

MLB has yet to make a decision on when or if the season will resume, but they have been looking at various neutral site options in Arizona and Florida. 

However, many MLB players have expressed their displeasure about possibly being away from their families if they play at neutral sites, so just about anything is on the table at this point.

Like MLB players, NHL, NBA and MLS players also will need to make a gradual return. The idea has been floated around that leagues will have to host some sort of training camp when they’re allowed to resume, so, hopefully, that will help reduce injuries.

Erin Walsh is a Boston sports fan through and through. Although many think Boston sports fans are insufferable, Erin tries to see things from a neutral perspective. Her passion is hockey, and she believes defense wins championships. In addition to covering sports for Yardbarker, she covers Boston sports for NBC Sports Boston. Follow her on Twitter @ewalsh90

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