ESPN’s VALORANT Invitational Day 3 rounds in one sentence

The final day of the ESPN Esports VALORANT Invitational showcased several memorable matches. Wednesday began with the Apex Legends players of Team Canyon taking on the Overwatch players of Team Heroes in one semifinal, followed by a matchup of Counter-Strike players on Team Mirage versus the creators of the game on Team Dev in the other semi. It ended with Team Canyon upsetting Team Mirage in the final.

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Here is one sentence for each of the 115 rounds that took place during the final day of the invitational:


Team Canyon 13, Team Heroes 11

Map: Bind

Team Heroes on offense Rounds 1-12

Round 1: Heroes push B site after scouting it out but are outgunned by Team Canyon.

Round 2: Mendo gets the opening frag as Heroes push A and are once again stopped by Canyon.

Round 3: Brian “Kephrii” St. Pierre tried for a quick Jett plant on B after opening kills are traded back and forth but is stopped and Canyon go up 3-0.

Round 4: Another round for Canyon after Heroes unsuccessfully try to plant on A.

Round 5: Kelden “Boostio” Pupello has a good round, but the guns of Canyon are still stronger.

Round 6: Heroes plant on B after a strong round from Jeff “emongg” Anderson opens up the site for Heroes’ first round win.

Round 7: Brandon “Aceu” Winn and Kephrii get opening frags for their teams, which are both mitigated by a Sage ult while Heroes rotate again to B and set up for another win.

Round 8: Kills are traded on B site in another Canyon win, although Boostio nearly clutches the entire round for Heroes.

Round 9: Justin “Kellar” Kellar opens with a 3K, but Boostio pops off for a round to Heroes.

Round 10: It comes down to Kellar for Team Canyon, but Team Heroes win another round after an A plant.

Round 11: Another successful A plant for Team Heroes.

Round 12: After scouting out A, Heroes rotate to B and Boostio ends with a 3K to tie up the score going into their defense.

Team Canyon on offense Rounds 13-24

Round 13: Both teams trade kills on B before Kellar steps up and gives Canyon the pistol-round win.

Round 14: Emongg gets the opening frag, but Canyon respond with almost a full-team wipe leaving Boostio in a 1v4 before he’s killed later by Canyon.

Round 15: Canyon pushes quickly onto B, but Boostio and Kephrii clutch this round for Heroes.

Round 16: Canyon are scouted out in baths and push onto A through A short, but Boostio leads Heroes on the spike defuse.

Round 17: Canyon win their eco round thanks to Aceu and Jett pushing onto B.

Round 18: After trading abilities on A, Canyon rotate to B and it ends in a 1v1 between emongg and Kellar, which Kellar wins.

Round 19: Aceu gets the opening frag onto Kephrii in baths, allowing Canyon to push onto A for another win.

Round 20: Kephrii opens the round, which is followed by a Boostio 3K as Heroes overwhelm Canyon on B.

Round 21: This ends up in another 1v1 for Kellar, who wins it, bringing Canyon to match point.

Round 22: Team Heroes stay alive thanks to Kephrii.

Round 23: Boostio opens things up and Heroes stay alive after Canyon’s unsuccessful B push.

Round 24: Canyon scout and prep for an A push through short, and Timothy “sYnceD” Putrow comes up big to put Canyon through to the finals.

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Team Mirage 13, Team Dev 11

Map: Haven

Team Dev on offense Rounds 1-12

Round 1: After scouting, Team Dev rotate for an A plant, but Mirage clean them up.

Round 2: A few kills are traded before the devs rotate to C and are again outgunned by Mirage.

Round 3: Kills are traded on A long and Team Dev rotate to C and successfully plant.

Round 4: Technical issues strike the broadcast, although it looked like a late rotation from the dev team where it ties up the game 2-2.

Round 5: Team Dev go ahead with a flawless round.

Round 6: The devs look to push C long and take the site, winning their gunfights even with Tyler “ska” Latham sniping out two on the Operator.

Round 7: After scouting out mid, the devs push onto A and plant, and ska and Braxton “brax” Pierce end up saving.

Round 8: The devs scout out mid again and go for B site push, where they’re surrounded by Mirage.

Round 9: Nick “Nickwu” Wu has been performing really well in this match thus far.

Round 10: This comes down to Excal in a 1v2, but Mirage take the round and tie up the scoreline at 5-5.

Round 11: Team Dev go up 6-5 after multiple gunfights on A.

Round 12: After scouting mid and A, the devs plant on A and are able to take out all of Mirage in mid and on A.

Team Mirage on offense Rounds 12-24

Round 13: Team Mirage offense: Ska gets a 3K and Mirage take their first offensive round on C.

Round 14: A few opening kills lead to another C push for Mirage, and Mirage even the score at 7-7.

Round 15: It’s an entry frag for Spencer “Hiko” Martin as Mirage look to push A before rotating to B, but the devs get the defuse and an exit double-kill for Penguin.

Round 16: Excal shows off with Jett’s Blade Storm and the devs get another defuse, this time on A.

Round 17: Brax gets an opening frag on B site as Mirage collapse and push onto C for an eco round win.

Round 18: Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert grabs the entry frag this time and follows up with several kills as Mirage tie this up 9-9.

Round 19: The garage doors belong to Nickwu.

Round 20: Tied back up at 10-10 with the devs and Mirage trading kills back and forth until a successful B-site plant for Mirage.

Round 21: Another B-site win for Mirage after they feint A and go B.

Round 22: A flawless round for Mirage against the devs’ meager economy.

Round 23: After an opening kill from Nickwu’s ultimate, Team Dev take another round.

Round 24: Mirage hard push onto A after trading kills and take the round and the game.


Game 1: Team Mirage 13, Team Canyon 8

Map: Bind

Team Canyon on offense Rounds 1-12

Round 1: Canyon push onto B but are outgunned by Mirage, who get the defuse.

Round 2: It’s another round for Mirage as Canyon go for a late rotate onto A short.

Round 3: Canyon push through A short again for an A-site plant, but Hiko gets a 4K and Mirage go up 3-0.

Round 4: Canyon try for a B push this time only for Ska to get a 3K, although Dizzy does grab some exit kills.

Round 5: Another Canyon A push is stymied through A short.

Round 6: Things look better for Canyon as they plant on A, but Hiko and AZK end up getting the defuse.

Round 7: AZK and n0thing defend Canyon’s B push and Mirage go up 7-0.

Round 8: Another clutch round for Hiko, who holds off Canyon’s A-site attack.

Round 9: Mirage go up 9-0 after a smart Brax flank and another failed A push from Canyon.

Round 10: Ska finds himself in a 1v2 after a late push onto B, where Canyon take their first round win of Map 1.

Round 11: Ska opens up with two kills and Mirage take another round.

Round 12: Canyon split up to scouting before deciding to late push B for their second round win.

Team Mirage on offense Rounds 13-21

Round 13: Kellar gets a clutch 1v1 victory over Hiko for an A-site defuse.

Round 14: Mirage plant at A site, where they’re surrounded and taken out by Team Canyon.

Round 15: Mirage go for a B plant this time but are again routed by Team Canyon.

Round 16: Canyon again take out a few members of Mirage in the showers, shutting down their push.

Round 17: Mirage try another B push after an opening frag from Canyon’s Aceu but are stopped again.

Round 18: Mirage push onto B using Ska’s Viper and get an offensive victory.

Round 19: Kellar gets the final round kill on Hiko, keeping this match closer than expected.

Round 20: Hiko plays for time over a B-site plant and brings Mirage within match point.

Round 21: Mirage look B but then quickly rotate for an A plant, where Hiko comes up clutch to take the first map.

Game 2: Team Canyon 13, Team Mirage 10

Map: Haven

Team Mirage on offense Rounds 1-12

Round 1: Both teams trade opening kills and Mirage plants on B only to see Kellar come up clutch for Team Canyon.

Round 2: Mirage scout C before rotating back toward B for another B plant, where Canyon clean up.

Round 3: Canyon again clean Mirage up on B thanks to a timely Brimstone ultimate from sYnceD.

Round 4: Mirage go for an A plant, and Ska grabs a 3K on an eco round for Mirage’s first round win.

Round 5: It’s another A plant for Mirage, who end up outgunning Team Canyon.

Round 6: Mirage continue to have success on A, winning their gunfights to tie the match 3-3.

Round 7: Mirage scout A, but Canyon are set up and get an eco win for a 4-3 Canyon lead.

Round 8: Aceu and Team Canyon take another point, going up 5-3.

Round 9: Another win for Team Canyon as they scout out Mirage’s attack.

Round 10: AZK and Brax get opening frags at C site, where Mirage plant and three members of Canyon decide to save.

Round 11: A successful C plant for Mirage, who bring the score within 1.

Round 12: Aceu and Dizzy open things up for Canyon, and Mirage go for a late C plant as Canyon take the round.

Team Canyon on offense Rounds 13-23

Round 13: Canyon take their first offensive round, earning them an advantage post-pistol round.

Round 14: It’s a flawless round for Team Canyon, who are up 9-5.

Round 15: N0thing gets the entry frag in mid and it’s almost all Team Mirage in the defuse on C site.

Round 16: AZK and Hiko open up with kills this time and Dizzy ends up in a 1v3 on B site, where he’s gunned down by Hiko.

Round 17: Brax flanks from Canyon’s spawn but is surrounded and eliminated while Mirage is able to kill off the rest of Canyon on A.

Round 18: Canyon look to rush C and it ends in a Hiko versus Kellar 1v1 that’s one of the few 1v1s that Kellar has lost all tournament.

Round 19: Brax gets an opening frag through smoke and AZK ends up cleaning up on a B defuse for a 10-9 lead.

Round 20: Canyon push onto C after getting two kills and end up with a flawless round.

Round 21: Another win for Canyon.

Round 22: Canyon go for a hard A push before backing off and rotating B for a successful plant and match point along with late post-round kills for Canyon.

Round 23: AZK gets a quick Operator kill in A long, but Mendo clutches out the round, forcing a Game 3.

Game 3: Team Canyon 13, Team Mirage 10

Map: Split

Team Canyon on offense Rounds 1-12

Round 1: I was about to complain about Split offense, but Canyon actually win their first offensive round with a successful B plant.

Round 2: Canyon split the map and clear out A before going for a late A plant and a 2-0 win.

Round 3: Mirage mow down Team Canyon on a B push and take their first round win after Canyon’s surprisingly good offensive start.

Round 4: Canyon again clear out A site and plant, while Hiko, AZK, and brax save for this round.

Round 5: A site is definitely Canyon’s favorite, but this time Mirage are able to collapse and take their second round.

Round 6: Canyon again go for A site, this time for another successful plant, while AZK and Hiko decide to save.

Round 7: Canyon late push A, and while they eliminate Ska’s Viper on entry, the rest of Mirage is able to collapse and take the round.

Round 8: After scouting through the garage, Canyon are again surrounded by Mirage and forced to rotate to A but are unable to plant, evening the score for Mirage at 4-4.

Round 9: Hiko ends up as the last man standing and Canyon take the lead again.

Round 10: After losing three, Canyon rotate to B for their plant, but brax and Ska come up huge for the defuse.

Round 11: It comes down to Mendo and his Operator, but Team Mirage come out on top.

Round 12: Mendo once again shows up big, tying the map at 6-6 before the swap.

Team Mirage on offense Rounds 13-23

Round 13: A flawless victory on pistols for Canyon.

Round 14: This comes down to a 1v2 for Ska, who runs to B for a late plant, but he’s cleaned up by Mendo.

Round 15: Mirage rush onto B, but Mendo and Canyon clutch this round for a 9-6 win.

Round 16: sYnceD gets an opening frag on Hiko, and this is followed up by Canyon able to clean up Mirage.

Round 17: Hiko clutches out this round for Canyon’s first win on offense.

Round 18: Another round for Team Canyon as Aceu gets the B-site defuse.

Round 19: Brax finds two in a Canyon eco round and Mirage take a flawless round.

Round 20: Dizzy has the last say after a Mirage B plant and gets the defuse.

Round 21: Mendo takes his team to match point with the Operator.

Round 22: This ends in an unexpected 1v1 on B site between Ska and Dizzy, where Ska comes out on top.

Round 23: Apex Legends apparently reigns supreme over Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

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