Find Out the Hot Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on Too Hot to Handle

So, you watched Too Hot to Handle, Netflix’s latest reality TV dating series. What now? Now you get all the scoop on what it took to make the series.

Warning, spoilers follow.

Too Hot to Handle took a handful of sexy singles known for being just that, sexy singles, and put them away in Mexico together where they were told they could win up to $100,000…if they don’t have any kind of sexual contact. Kissing cost money. Sex? It cost way more than kissing. The cast members were encouraged to form more meaningful connections with each other beyond a physical experience. Could they do it? Well, some of them could. But the cast lost a lot of money in the process, only to win some back.

Who won? Everyone still in the game walked away with some money.

How did Netflix assemble this international cast of singles ready to mingle? What’s the deal with Lana? All was revealed in the exclusive featurette.

Too Hot to Handle season one is now streaming on Netflix.

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