Here’s Where You’ve Seen Jamie From ‘Killing Eve’

The following story contains spoilers for the third season of Killing Eve.

  • On Sunday’s episode of Killing Eve, viewers are introduced to Jamie, Kenny’s former boss at the “Bitter Pill.”
  • Jamie is played by English-Ghanaian actor, Danny Sapani, who has appeared in several major shows and movies, including Netflix’s The Crown.
  • Given their combative exchange, we can imagine this is only the start of some odd, masochistic relationship for Eve.

    This week’s episode of Killing Eve packed one hell of a punch (literally). Tonight, we witnessed Eve’s breakdown at Kenny’s funeral and Carolyn coping with the loss of her son. Villanelle finally learns of Eve’s survival. And, of course, there’s a brutal scene involving two evil clowns at a kid’s birthday party—child’s play for Killing Eve, as far as we’re concerned.

    Tonight, we also meet Jamie, Kenny’s former boss at the “Bitter Pill.” We learn he, too, has something to gain off Kenny’s phone (presumably, more than just hiding the company’s ass), as he forms an unlikely bond with Eve to uncover the truth about his death.

    And you might’ve recognized Jamie from the start. Jamie, played by English-Ghanaian actor Danny Sapani, is a pretty well-established actor. Below, a few key facts about him and other places you might’ve seen him.

    Danny Sapani and Sandra Oh in a scene from 'Killing Eve.' They are having an argument in a bar where Kenny's funeral is being held and Eve is walking away. 

    Nick Wall/BBCA

    He’s an alum of both Star Wars and The Crown

    Sapani is an alum of some pretty high-profile projects. In Star Wars: Episode VIII The Last Jedi, he played a role as a Medical Frigate Captain. He also appeared in one episode of Netflix’s The Crown as President Nkrumah, who dances with Queen Elizabeth II (played by Claire Foy) in a pivotal scene. (He also appeared as a tribe elder in Black Panther.)

    Sapani has also been a regular on British television

    You might’ve also recognized Sapani from a few major television projects over in the U.K. On Misfits, he was the original probation worker in episode one. (He appears again in a guest role in the third season.) More recently, he played Sembene in the British-American series, Penny Dreadful, and William North in the Hulu period drama, Harlots.

    He’s starring in an upcoming series based on the Halo franchise

    If you weren’t familiar with him before, get ready: Sapani is set to appear in Halo, Showtime’s upcoming adaptation of the mega Xbox franchise. Sapani will appear as war hero Captain Jacob Keyes in the show. The series is being co-produced by Steven Spielberg’s production company and was originally slated to air in early 2021, though that’s likely to change amid production delays associated with COVID-19.

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