Here’s why Shah Rukh Khan has not given a Chak De! India kind of talk to his IPL team

We all loved watching Shah Rukh Khan play the role of hockey coach Kabir Khan in Chak De India. In the film, Kabir was shown to be an ex-hockey player who’s wrongly accused of match-fixing by the media. Years later, he helps the Indian Women hockey team lift the world cup trophy under his guidance.

Shah Rukh Khan

While the film received a lot of love from the audience, people regard his 70-minute speech before the final as the highlight even today. But, as an IPL team owner, Shah Rukh Khan says he has never given them a Chak De kind of a pep talk. Talking about the same during an interview with a leading daily, Shah Rukh Khan said, “I was just hanging there, waving my arms from my balcony. So, when we won it, it was a vindication of belief because a lot of people started telling me to sell the team which I never would. And I don’t say that out of evil, I said it out of belief and confidence. Actually, the first match we won, I was going to jump from my balcony, but I think my kids, I think it was my daughter who caught me. I could have flown that night, but I settled at home. I have been a sportsman all my life at a very small level, so I have never really given them some ‘Chak De! India’ kind of lectures I have never done that.”

The coronavirus resulted in the IPL 2020 season, unfortunately, being terminated. Let us know if you’re missing the IPL action just like us.

Shah Rukh Khan

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