How is the industry going green?

The cruise industry has come under fire for its environmental footprint from environmental organizations, and the U.S. Department of Justice has taken up cases against specific lines for environmental violations

Meanwhile, the cruise industry insists it is making great strides in reducing its environmental impact by implementing new technologies and following or exceeding international guidelines.

One environmental organization, Friends of the Earth (FOE), even released a 2019 “report card” in June, grading each cruise line and its ships. Most received D’s and F’s. Cruise lines rejected the grades, questioning FOE’s methodology.

FOE asserts taking a cruise can be more harmful to the environment and human health than other forms of travel.

So how will cruises go green? 

Brian Salerno, senior vice president of maritime policy at Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), said the industry as a whole has taken steps toward going green both on its own accord and in accordance with the International Maritime Organization’s set MARPOL rules, which have been updated over many decades. IMO is an agency of the United Nations.

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