Michael Jordan’s famous move led to Michael Wilbon biting another reporter

This didn’t make the cut in “The Last Dance.”

Longtime sports columnist Michael Wilbon shared his recollection of Michael Jordan’s famous move from the Bulls’ 1991 NBA Finals conquest of the Lakers. Wilbon had to go to great lengths not to break the cardinal sin of cheering on press row, much to the chagrin of colleague David Aldridge.

“When he made the move, on press row you aren’t supposed to scream out, you are not supposed to remark, you are not supposed to show facial expressions, especially back in the day,” Wilbon said on Twitter. “Old Chicago Stadium, we are sitting on the floor right next to my dear, dear friend and colleague for many years David Aldridge, who was with the Washington Post. I turned — rather than scream — I bit David’s arm. I bit his arm.”

Wilbon, who now works with ESPN, is prominently featured in the 10-part documentary that has filled the sports void the past two Sunday nights. Episode 4 chronicled the Bulls’ first title, and Jordan’s famous hand-switching layup, though it did not include Wilbon’s story.

“Those were padded suits in the 90s,” Wilbon said. “I bit his shoulder and Aldridge didn’t scream out, he just looked at me and said, ‘you bit me.’ … Then later he took the jacket off and I bit him right through the jacket of the coat and shirt. There were marks on the skin. Embarrassing, funny now, very embarrassing then.”

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