Mimi Haleyi’s roommate told her it was ‘rape’

NEW YORK – The Harvey Weinstein sex crimes trial resumed Tuesday when a witness corroborated testimony by former production assistant Miriam “Mimi” Haleyi, who sobbed as she told jurors Monday that she tried to fight off the movie mogul while he sexually assaulted her at his New York City apartment in 2006.

Elizabeth Entin, who was Haleyi’s roommate at the time, said Haleyi told her she had gone to Weinstein’s apartment assuming it was for a work-related meeting.

“And she came in, and he started rubbing her shoulders, kissing her, and she said no, no, and he wouldn’t stop, and she said, ‘I’m on my period,’ and he said, ‘I don’t care,’ at which point, he threw her down … pulled off her underwear and started (assaulting) her as she was saying no,” Entin said. 

After hearing her roommate’s account, Entin said, she told her, “Miriam, that sounds like rape. … Why don’t you call a lawyer?”

“She still just seemed very distraught and was shaking and didn’t really want to pursue it or talk about it,” she said. “She wasn’t very present.”

Harvey Weinstein arrives for another day in his sex crimes trial in New York on Jan. 28.

She said that before the encounter, she and Haleyi “thought it was just this pathetic older man trying to hit on Miriam, and we just had a laugh about it.”

Afterward, she testified, Haleyi was more withdrawn and spent more time in her room.

On cross examination, she said she lost touch with Haleyi in late 2006 or early 2007. Entin and Weinstein’s lead defense attorney, Donna Rotunno, sparred as Rotunno referred to the “alleged rape” in her questions and Entin insisted that it was rape and that it did happen.

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