MLB fans can now get refunds for lost games

Major League Baseball is allowing fans to seek refunds for games currently not being played due to the coronavirus pandemic. Previously, games were considered postponed, instead of canceled, allowing teams to hold on to revenue generated from ticket sales.

But with little chance of MLB playing 162 games this season, the league has decided to allow for refunds. Each team will set its own policy, with many likely offering a credit for 2021 as an option. Teams can announce their new policies beginning on Wednesday.

The decision comes a week after the process was begun to file a class action lawsuit on behalf of fans in California seeking refunds. Additionally, there were several state attorney general offices around the country which had received complaints about the no-refund policy.

MLB has no start date for the 2020 season.

Though baseball could still return this summer, it’s likely to be without fans for at least a portion of the season — which would kick in another set of refunds.

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