This is what economy class could look like post-Covid-19 – Business Traveller

Airlines are often trying to come up with innovative ways to cram together as many people on a plane as possible, especially in economy class cabins.

But the coronavirus crisis is fundamentally changing this long-held tenet as airlines are bringing social distancing to the skies by sometimes even blocking middle seats. This could potentially even change the way seats are designed and arranged on planes post-Covid-19.

Italian design firm Aviointeriors, which specialises in designing aircraft cabin interiors and passenger seats, has proposed two new seat designs for post-Covid-19 travel that attempt to create some social distance between passengers on planes without losing seating capacity.

In one of Aviointeriors’ proposed designs, the middle seat is facing backwards and every seat has a plastic shield partially surrounding it. Dubbed Janus, after the two-faced Roman god, passengers on the aisle and window seats in this new s-shaped arrangement will continue to face the direction of travel.

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