Video: Karan Johar lip syncing to Rishi Kapoor’s song will make you ROFL

Karan Johar is a director cum producer who knows how to keep his viewers entertained with not just his movies but also his antics on social media. Karan regularly posts pictures of himself posing like a pro and even videos that reflect his witty sense of humour. Today he took to Instagram to post a video where his face has been almost perfectly placed on Rishi Kapoor and the video take one through the whole song with Karan lip syncing it. 

Karan Karan Karan

Karan captioned the post as, “The Magic of Face mapping
Raj Kapoor was one of my all time favourite film makers!!!! and Rishi Kapoor is my all time favourite actor!! This is a present to me by Sandeep @2ouringsandy I’d like to thank him for this gift, one that I will always treasure!!!! I also want to tell all of you to please go ahead and laugh!!! You are totally allowed to!!!! artist @sanjaytrimbakkar” 

Entertaining, isn’t it?

Karan Karan Karan

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